The Ailesburry carseat

The luxury, rear facing car seat from the 0-13 kg category. The CARSEAT baby carrier will work well during the child's first journey - on the way home from the hospital. Modular inserts will ensure a stable position in the course of the journey. The strong construction provides protection against the consequences of sudden maneuvers on the road, and the soft fabrics ensure pleasant comfort.
Ensure the safety of your baby from the first days of there life

It is distinguished by best side impact protection due to the fact that the AILESBURRY is designed to reduce g-forces and keep an optimal position of the child's body when the most risky side collisions occur.

The car seat is one of the most comfortable in it's class. In addition it has memory foam covered with a soft and delicate fabric. The ailesburry carseat design is based on the i-Size requirements. combinations of the EPP and Arsel® energy-absorbing materials with memory foam remembers the shape of the child's body, to reduce the g-force and ensure optimal child positioning. easy mount installation with safety belts is very easy thanks to Easy Mount system. You can be sure that the car seat will remain stable and safe. Ergonomically shaped convenient handle for carrying. The car seat is also very light: 3.5 kg. Hood included in the set protecting your baby from the wind and sunlight. It can be used not only for travel by car but also as a carrier. It can also be easily mounted onto the stroller frame. It is our aim to deliver products that serve best for You and Your Baby.

High standards of quality and safety of our products are confirmed by European certificates. Go baby buggies products fulfil all the requirements posed by European norms and Eurasian Customs Union (EAC). We guarantee that go baby buggies prams will give full comfort and safety for You and Your Baby.


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